Sub-Track 3.1

Theme: Should financial reporting reflect firms’ business models? What accounting can learn from the economic theory of the firm (in collaboration with “Journal of Management and Governance”) The business model concept has drawn increasing attention since the late 1990s, partly driven by the opportunities for new Internet ventures and their need to explain to potential investors how they planned to generate sustained value. But this concept seems to be also helpful in describing how established firms have found new sources of value creation and/or capture. On the basis of a Special Issue published on the Journal of Management and Governance this track aims to focus the attention on the capacity of the Financial Reporting to reflect the firms’ business models and to make the case for an approach of measurement in financial reporting based on firms’ business models. Recently the IASB Board has issued a press release on Investment Entities (amendments to IFRS 10, IFRS 12, and IAS 27). In this amendment project it was emphasized the role played by the business purpose in a specific sector and the performance of its investments. Moreover, this track aims to focus the attention on the role of the narrative sections of the annual report to disclose the firms’ business models. Recently the IASB Board has also issued the IFRS practice statement Management Commentary. The latter provides a context within which to interpret the financial position, financial performance and cash flows of an entity. It also provides management with an opportunity to explain its objectives and its strategies for achieving those objectives. Many questions arise and require to be addressed:

  Publication Opportunities A special issue of the Journal of Management and Governance (JMG) on the conference theme. Authors whose papers are accepted for presentation in this Track are encouraged to submit their papers for the JMG special issue. Papers submitted for this special issue will undergo the normal journal review process JMG submissions will be accepted until March 1st, 2014.

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