The conference will take place in the  Conference Centre in the Hilton Acaya Golf Resort in Lecce.

Hotels The AIDEA organizing committee has reached an agreement with some selected hotels.

To book an accomodation, please:

  1. download the  booking form (available in DOCX or PDF)
  2. complete the form with your data and preferences
  3. send by fax or mail to the hotel selected
A free shuttle service will be also available during the conference from/to the selected hotels and the conference site.

It is also possible to book a shuttle service from/to the Brindisi Airport at reasonable cost (download booking form: DOCX or PDF). This service will be available on the following days:

About Lecce Lecce, sometimes called the Florence of the south, is the main city on Apulia's Salento Peninsula. Because of the easy to work soft limestone, Lecce became the center for the ornate architecture called the barocco leccese, and the city is filled with Baroque monuments. The historic center is compact making it a great place for walking and its restaurants offer abundant fine food typical of Apulia. Also notable are the traditional handicrafts, especially the art of paper mache'.

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