Informazioni generali

The Italian Academy of Management (Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale, AIDEA) is one of the oldest academic societies worldwide. AIDEA was founded in Bologna on July 11, 1813 as the Accademia dei Logismofili.

On the occasion of its bicentenary, AIDEA is planning to organize a conference open to AIDEA members and international scholars in accounting, management, organizational studies, banking and finance. The conference will be held in Lecce on 19-21th September 2013. The historical city of Lecce was selected because AIDEA aims to celebrate this exceptional event in an outstanding location. Lecce is one of the most beautiful Italian cities; rich in Baroque architectural monuments, it is commonly nicknamed as "The Florence of the South". The surrounding area (Salento) is a peaceful land full of history and traditions whose strong points are its natural and architectural beauties, hospitality, atmosphere and, last but not least, the sea and its coast.

The theme of the 2013 annual meeting is The firm's role in the economy: Does a growth-oriented business model exist?”. The global crisis (that has been dramatically affected both the real and financial sector and the real economy) has raised new questions and challenges that scholars are trying to resolve. Specifically, managerial studies are called to identify how firms and markets can currently contribute to the economic growth. The conference theme is “open” and “wide” and aims to question scholars from all different fields (accounting, management, organizational studies, banking and finance). For this reason, the 2013 meeting will have a multilevel organization, a sort of “conference of conferences”.

Specifically, the traditional spirit of the AIDEA conferences will be preserved in the tracks 1 and 2 (mainly in Italian language), where all the managerial fields (accounting, management, organizational studies, banking and finance) will be mixed to address the conference themes by presenting papers written either in Italian or in English. In the bicentenary AIDEA conference, there will also be four specific tracks (in English) where papers from each specific field will assess the conference themes.

  In summary, the AIDEA 2013 conference tracks are the following: Track 1.    Economia Aziendale. Il ruolo dell’Economia Aziendale al servizio dello sviluppo economico-sociale (in Italian).

Track 2.    Ragioneria ed Economia Aziendale in Italia. Le nostre radici (in Italian).

Track 3.    Accounting. The role of accounting in the economic development: Theoretical models and empirical evidence (in English).

Track 4.    Management & Organization. Management of growth and growth of management (in English).

Track 5.    Public Management. Organizational and Inter-Institutional performance management in Public Administration for sustainable growth (in English).

Track 6.    Banking and Finance. The role of financial institutions and markets during the crisis and their contribution to the economic growth (in English).

  AIDEA is very pleased to invite you (both AIDEA members and non-members) to submit papers in accounting, management, banking and finance areas. Your contribution to the AIDEA 2013 Meeting as a presenter, discussant, track chair, or partecipant will be greatly appreciated. In addition to the regular tracks of academic research, the program will also include PhD Students’ sessions (PhD).